"The Automotive Market" is Heating up The 2017 lease returns are plentiful and 2019-20 rental vehicles are now for sale. Anticipating buyers will be visiting showrooms with tax refunds in hand, dealers stocking up. One of our greatest obstacles is how we separate ourselves from this conventional type of car dealership. To be different, we must eliminate certain expenses like salesman, managers, large advertising budgets, location expenses, and inventory.
     Yes, one of the huge expenses in this business is the cost of maintaining inventory yet how do we sell without having inventory. We offer this option "PROVIDE YOU DIRECT ACCESS" to our inventory sources, auctions, rental companies and even other dealerships inventory. You are the salesperson.
                                   "BUY LIKE A DEALER"
    The last few years have seen technological advancements that change the way all of us do business. Auctions are on board with FULL CONDITION REPORTS and POST SALE GUARANTEES that allows for a fully transparent program. Share our dealer resources as we facilitate and provide for all of your automotive needs.
FYI.. Got into an accident and need repairs or maybe have some door dings that need attention. Looking to sell a vehicle outright or want to consign. Keep us in mind as our services extend well beyond just purchasing.
I am here to serve, feel free to reach out to me directly at 407-222-9155 or email at ultimateautosports@gmail.com